Sexual Frustration Comics

featuring Beetle Bailey

This comic has been around for 50 years... and yet is rarely funny.
Is it's secret an ability to address the Human Condition?

Comic Eccentricity

This happy-go-lucky comic in family newspapers all over the United States is filled with sexual inuendo, frustration, and conflict. Sometimes they're really obvious....

Others can only be understood from reading the comic over seveal weeks....

Beetle baby oil

Beetle Bailey nightmare

Some Beetle Bailey comics provide commentary on current events, like these published during the revelations of sexual abuse by priests...

Sometimes the authors try to hide a subtle pun in the comic. Can you find the subtle pun?

Watch out! There's a new male character, "Gizmo", working in the secretarial pool!

Oooh, that sexy Miss Buxley....

"Internal administrator"? "Consummate affairs"?....

Beetle Bailey Miss Buxley

And General Halftrack... caught in a loveless, sexless marriage, he boozes and ogles....

Beetle Bailey menu

Beetle Bailey Garlic

At Camp Swampy, it's strictly "Don't ask, don't tell"....

Beetle Bailey Julius

Beetle, Sarge, what's it all about?

At least one character in the Beetle Bailey comic is "getting some"!

Send us your comments and funny comics!

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Beetle Bailey

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