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8/18/04 Athens 2004 games added to the Olympics page.

8/12/04 I got quite a response on Sticky Net© implementation, which can only be interpreted as a vast stream of ready-to-flow investment capital. I received a number of helpful comments and suggestions from our fellow investors:

· Correspondent BW suggests adding the "Cloak of Invisibility" like the new Enterprise.

--> Sticky Net© is the only thing that can defeat Cloak of Invisibility! Once snared by Sticky Net© not only is your opponent disabled, his position will be revealed and easily dispatched to the Grinder O’ Death.

· Correspondent PJ suggests I stole the idea from Spiderman II.

--> NO! Spiderman uses a sticky WEB, not Sticky NET© -- this is an important distinction.

· Correspondent DP writes “Sticky Net© alone may work,” --damn straight-- “but I recommend coupling that with a negative ad campaign. Question your opponent's patriotism. Find out what it was doing during the Vietnam War. Prescription drugs is another wedge issue you can lever up on.”

· Correspondent JW-1 (no relation) suggests adding an hourglass to the belly of the ‘bot.

--> WazBot with Sticky Net© will use only digital timing devices.

· Correspondent JW-2 (a relation) suggests HE invented Sticky Net©.

--> I wonder if this is how Bill Gates got started -- being accused of ripping off other people’s ideas.

Send your cheques c/o WazBot Enterprises Sticky Net© Fund for the Future of Robotics Domination. Thanks for your support.


8/10/04 I was discussing the best weapons for our Robot Wars entry with Jax. We both agree that a radio jamming device would disable opponents lacking on-board logic circuits, but agree this is probably outlawed.

Jax tends to favor low profile vehicles with large tires that can still run after being flipped. This combined with an offensive spike or wedge could be most effective.

However, I am convinced that the most potent weapon has been overlooked: the Sticky Net©, whose advantages are indisputable:

1. Sticky Net© acts defensively by immediately immobilizing the opponent's swinging hammers, slashing blades, and wheels -- allowing the opponent to be shoved into the maw of the Debilitating Hazards.

2. No moving parts are required, making Sticky Net© extremely reliable.

3. Moreover, Sticky Net© becomes MORE effective as the opponent tries to move, cut, or slash Sticky Net© and the cut pieces become wrapped around axels and articulated joints.

If there’s a better all-round Robot Wars weapon than Sticky Net©, I’d like to know what it is.


7/30/04 Colton, California
Wazmo's Guide to Airports of North America
Aural: The quietest airport I've ever been to.
Olfactory: Noxious and rank.

7/19/04 Ooooo, sorry Ken, nooo

7/14/04 With any luck, Where the Truth Lies will soon receive it's 500,000th visitor. We're now at and couldn't be more proud.

7/1/04 Tipper Gore's Guide to Dating Dos and Don'ts will soon receive its 200,000th visitor! The current count is -- we couldn't be more proud.

6/18/04 Ringo Starr turns 64.

5/26/04 Where the Truth Lies sixth anniversary.

5/3/04 Stockton, California

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